Mobile Robot for Disinfecting

"Making the World Better – Saves human capacity and lives"

Why to use mobile robots for disinfecting?

✓ Can be used to spray disinfection liquid indoors or outdoors.

✓ Can be used e.g. to disinfect shops, schools, hospitals, airports, markets, sports halls etc.

✓ AntRobot™ is remote controlled or autonomous. Remote control is handled by PC software or smart phone APP via 4G or Wifi network.

✓ Containers for disinfection liquid range from 5 to 100 l.

✓ Spraying range is 1,5m-3m wide, also walls ,hallways, tunnels…etc
     - area approx. 5000-6000 m² per one charge.
     - Automatic charger available.


6 good reasons to choose the AntRobot™

How it works?

✓ AntRobot monitors level of liquid in the container and sends an SMS to the user when close to ending.

✓ AntRobot stops if there is no liquid in the container.

✓ AntRobot stops spraying when the robot is stopped or outside the spraying area.

With autonomous use:

✓ AntRobot moves, sprays and navigates automatically following area sides and routes.

✓ AntRobot stops when the defined route or area is done, returns to the charging station, and sends an SMS to the user.

AntRobot™ can be used e.g. in:

  • Towns and Communes
  • Areas and tunnels inside and outside
  • Big Buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Markets and Chopping Centers
  • Railway stations
  • Airports
  • Sport arena´s; Indoor and Outdoor
  • Housewaste collection points
  • Army centers
  • Harbours

Please contact for more information

Timo Blom
Phone: +358 400 623 738

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